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10 skills CHWs can learn right now—without leaving the couch

Being sent to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic is tough for CHWs to deal with, but it can also be an opportunity to learn new skills. Use the opportunity to help your staff or yourself skills like immunization education, languages, and chronic illness support. There are hundreds of thousands of resources out there that can improve health worker jobs and decrease turnover.

5 Ways To Save Your Budget with a Sustainable CHW Training Program

Considering the pressures on keeping a CHW program afloat, your strategy for creating a new program or maintaining an initiative needs to be flexible, smart, and strategic. Anything you can do to keep costs down is a benefit. It’s important to remember that while a CHW training program is a necessary investment, not all expenses are expensive.

CHWTraining Releases New Course for Under-served Communities: “Oral Health Disparities”

Online training offers guidance for community health workers, case managers, and others to bridge gaps in oral-health awareness and access Woburn, Mass., Feb. 14, 2020 – CHWTraining, a trusted provider of educational support and structure that enables organizations to build healthier communities from Talance, Inc., has added the new online course “Oral Health Disparities.” The […]

CHWs Can Improve Oral Health Disparities

People who work with people’s teeth understand what kind of view that provides to the whole body. They see first hand how the mouth can reflect problems around the body and how problems with the mouth can affect the rest of the body. Poor dental health can correlate to chronic conditions ranging from heart disease […]

The Top CHW Conferences of 2020

Every year more people become community health workers across the United States, and every year there are more conferences to support them. Last year we researched and gathered a list of the top CHW conferences, and we’ve done it again. Here’s this year’s list, ordered by date. This will be updated regularly, so check back […]

What’s New for Navigating Health Insurance

Almost 10 years after the Affordable Care Act passed—and six years after CHWTraining released the Navigating Health Insurance course–more Americans are insured. However, more people are under-insured. Plus, government funded education about the ACA has been either reduced or eliminated, which leaves many more people confused about coverage. Adults in the U.S. still need support, […]

Most Important Job Skills To Build a CHW Career Path

Employment for community health workers is looking up. More organizations are looking for ways to include CHWs and provide more CHW core competency training for internal staff. This is good news for anyone looking to put themselves on a CHW career path while improving health outcomes for their community. Careful planning of a CHW career […]