World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day: 7 Outreach Resources For Community Health Workers

[Lee este artículo en español aquí.] Did you know that December is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month? Every year, December 1 marks World AIDS Day and kicks off a month-long period to spread information and raise awareness & much-needed funds for HIV/AIDS prevention, education, and research. The tradition dates back to 1988, at the peak of the …

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How CHW Teams Improve Breast Cancer Screening

Community health workers can help promote breast cancer screenings on many fronts. They’re powerful allies in the battle against breast cancer, especially in underserved communities, where they live, work, or understand deeply. CHWTraining shows how you can use them in your program.

The Top CHW Conferences of 2020

Every year more people become community health workers across the United States, and every year there are more conferences to support them. Conferences, workshops, annual meetings, and symposiums are excellent opportunities to brush up on your skills, learn new skills, and hear from the experts and thinkers in the community and public health industry. Here’s a list of the top CHW conferences for the year.


CHWTraining Opens New Course on Breast Cancer Screening for 2020

Breast cancer screening is key to early detection. However not all women get their mammogram. CHWTraining’s new, community-focused breast cancer screening course fills the industry’s skills gap by providing training in key areas such as breast cancer screening, cancer prevention, women’s health, communication skills, outreach and more.

Where To Find Public Health Funding in 2020

Health care organizations including agencies and hospitals need to find ways to help with funding now more than ever. Here are some non-traditional ideas for providers and other entities to seek millions of dollars in grants.

Most Important Tobacco Cessation Skills for a CHW Training Plan

Whether you want to expand your community health workers’ knowledge of tobacco and vaping cessation techniques or keep them updated on the latest best practices, offering accessible training will help you set up a sustainable program that earns results. But for you to create a training plan that works, you need to be strategic in your approach.

Asthma Awareness Best Practices

Asthma one lung disease that keeps people visiting the ER—but it doesn’t have to be that way. These are some best practices that healthcare agencies who use community health workers or who want to use them can follow in order to improve asthma patient outcomes. These help patients follow asthma action plans, understand their medication, and avoid (or minimize) an attack in the future.

Oral Health Training Initiatives in Every State

The mouth is connected to the rest of the body, and many states look at oral health as a way to improve overall community health. Keep reading to learn more about what every state is doing about oral health and CHWs and helpful resources and background information for program coordinators and administrators.