Over the past few decades, scientific advances in cancer genetics and genomics have revolutionized the way cancer is diagnosed, managed and treated. This makes it imperative that healthcare professionals who work along the cancer continuum have a basic understanding of how cancer genes are passed through families.

Cancer Genetics and Genomics: Breast Cancer is a web-based course that provides a basic introduction to genetic concepts and a description of the genes and mutations most commonly associated with breast cancer. The course will introduce participants to taking family histories, the basics of genetic testing, and how to provide genetic counseling related to breast cancer.

This course describes some of the most common cancer genetic terms and concepts. It also provides information and resources so that they can help patients find and choose the most appropriate genetic testing and counseling resources in their area.


1 week, approximately 2-3 hours.


  • Basic genetic concepts – An overview of genetics, including how traits are passed through families, biology and abnormalities
  • Cancer genetics and genomics – Principals of cancer genetics and why genetics play a role in cancer decisions
  • Breast cancer genes and mutations – The known genes and mutations that are associated with breast cancer
  • Genetic counseling and testing – Reasons why cancer genetic counseling and testing play a role in patient and provider decisions
  • Resources – Helpful lists of tests, labs and resources to be used on the job with patients

Activities and Quizzes

This course is based on established adult learning principles. Students are given a pre-test to measure knowledge before beginning. Activities and quizzes are delivered immediately after material is presented to reinforce key points and enhance retention. A post-test at the course end measures knowledge-gain.

Who Should Attend

Community health workers, patient navigators, volunteers, case managers, and administrative personnel who work with breast cancer patients along the cancer continuum.


No previous experience is required. Basic computer experience is required.

Course Delivery Method

This course is delivered via web-based e-learning using our learning management system. It is available as a text-based course and is designed to be led asynchronously by a facilitator.

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