Finding proper health care in the United States can be confusing. This is especially true for people with chronic illness who have to deal with many different social agencies and health-care providers. This course provides the necessary skills to connect clients with the right health care, involve the community in clients’ issues, teach people to be their own health advocate, educate community members, legislators, the media and other professionals or organizations about clients’ issues and use social media as an advocacy platform.

Target Audience
Non-clinical employees with basic computer literacy.

Expected Duration
2 hours

Lesson Objectives

Advocacy Skills

  • Define what an advocate is
  • Namethree ways in which you already use advocacy in your work and life
  • Understand the general principles of successful advocacy
  • Nameyour own communication style and how you can change it to become a better advocate
  • Namethe communication styles of others and the best ways to address them
  • Plan ways to use advocacy

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