Health care workers need to be able to identify their patients’ social cues and understand how to help keep them motivated so they can provide individual support and coaching. This course covers the knowledge-base learners need to motivate and encourage people to obtain care and other services. Participants learn how to identify common social cues and motivational factors and support patients' self-management of disease prevention and management of health conditions, including chronic disease.

Learning Objectives

  • Define social cues and social support and describe how they relate to managing chronic conditions.
  • Give examples of common social cues.
  • Provide examples of common problem social cues.
  • Provide examples of strategies to deal with problem social cues.
  • Identify helpful social cues.
  • Recognize common motivating factors among patients.
  • Name eight ways to stay motivated.
  • Help patients develop a motivational maintenance plan.


3 hours

Audience and Prerequisites

Providing Social Support is widely applicable to a host of medical professionals and support staff, including medical interpreters, community health workers, patient navigators, volunteers, medical assistants, administrative personnel and others. No previous experience is required. Basic computer experience is required.

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