Helping people quit smoking or using other tobacco products means understanding what motivates them and what resources are available to help them stop. The ability to make smart recommendations that help people live a healthier life relies on an understanding of factors that can help or hinder cessation attempts, as well as strategies that tobacco users can employ to work towards their cessation goals.

This course introduces your team-members to the basics of tobacco use as well as counseling techniques that front-line health workers can use to support individuals in different stages of cessation. Participants develop an intuitive understanding of these motivations and support methods and have a chance to practice applying them. They come away with the knowledge and resources that ensure clients and patients have the best possible chance of tobacco cessation through support and community referrals.


2 hours


  1. Tobacco addiction basics – Who uses tobacco and why, biology of addition, and types of tobacco products.
  2. Effects of tobacco use – Health and financial implications.
  3. At-risk groups – People in different life phases, immuno-compromised individuals, and second-hand smoke.
  4. Barriers to adherence and strategies for quitting – Identifying barriers, ways to quit, and ongoing support.

Activities and Quizzes

This course is based on established adult learning principles. Students are given a pre-test to measure knowledge before beginning. Activities and quizzes are delivered immediately after material is presented to reinforce key points and enhance retention. A post-test at the course end measures knowledge-gain.

Who Should Attend

Front-line workers, such as community health workers (CHWs) and advisers, health promoters/promontoras, outreach workers, advocates, patient navigators, peer counselors and leaders, medical interpreters, and others who work with at-risk groups or patients. Both clinical and nonclinical workers can benefit from the course.


No previous experience in the topic is required. Basic computer experience is required.

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