One of your top priorities is helping people access health insurance. But with national healthcare reform reshaping insurance across the United States, how do you keep up?

With the web-based training Navigating Health Insurance, which introduces community health workers and patient navigators at community-based organizations, clinics or larger health service settings to the terms and concepts related to health insurance. With a handle on health insurance basics, participants can help patients choose the healthcare plan that best suits them.

This course is flexible in time and space--work from home or the office, and log in any time of the day. Participants will receive personal instruction from experts in public health and insurance, Navigating Health Insurance introduces the principles behind insurance, the types of insurance available and how costs are structured. It also covers why health insurance matters in the U.S., including health care reform, the importance of preventative care and the problem of rising healthcare costs. By the end of the class, participants will be able to use this knowledge to help patients compare plans, set up an appointment and interact with insurance company representatives.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Help patients choose the best insurance plan for them by analyzing local plan benefits
  2. Describe and keep abreast of Affordable Care Act changes through online research
  3. Be equipted to explain the basic concepts of how health insurance works to patients
  4. Provide patients with the information they need to interact with insurance company representatives and healthcare providers
  5. Know and understand important health insurance terms

Course Format

The course is available as a 15-day Express Course or as part of the Core Skills learning track. It takes approximately three hours to complete.


As a Navigating Health Insurance student, you'll get these free course materials:

  • Easy-to-use private online learning site with access to all program information, support, and resources in one place
  • A comprehensive welcome kit and teaching guide (for administrators and educators)
  • CHW Training blog that can help you stay up to date on announcements and benefits
  • CHW Training newsletters that keep you up-to-date with offers and best practices
  • Certificate of Completion for students who have successfully completed the course

What Students Are Saying

"I gained some very useful knowledge about the Affordable Care Act and I feel equipped to share this knowledge with my community. I’m now able to serve my community even more than before when it comes to healthcare! If someone asks me, “What does the marketplace have to offer me?” or “Where can I find more information about the ACA changes?” I can give them an answer in plain English."

Alecia Distin, AmeriCorp Volunteer, Participant