Presenter: Mariuca Tuxbury, Online Program Facilitator
Moderator: Monique Cuvelier, Talance

All communities know the barriers to good health care—transportation costs, social stigma, lack of information, discrimination and time constraints. It’s critically important for community health workers to navigate through these barriers to bring the best possible care to their community. This 60-minute webinar takes you through the process of developing and piloting an online course specific to the needs of community health workers.

In this online seminar, you’ll learn in which circumstances it’s appropriate to offer an online course for community health workers and how to foster the right environment. You’ll learn how to identify and develop appropriate content for fully customized online modules. Plus, you’ll learn how to identify necessary components for successful implementation of an online hybrid course.

Who Should Attend?

Administrators for health departments or healthcare systems who are considering implementing a community health worker/patient navigator training program and needs help with strategic planning.

What Will You Learn?

  • The components of the Patient Navigation Certificate Training and how it corresponds with the Affordable Care Act guidelines on community health workers.
  • Effective learning modalities for the blended course, including the in-person sessions and online sessions.
  • Lessons learned from Massachusetts pilot program.

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