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Where Do CHWs Work?

The number of community health workers nationally is on the rise. Many agencies have discovered that these community health specialists are the key to reaching people who are often left out of traditional healthcare. And program directors are eager to have CHWs work in their teams. The positive results of working with CHWs—and promotores, health […]

Community Engagement the Right Way with Outreach Skills

Four essential outreach skills for putting a community engagement plan into action. After months—maybe years—of planning, research, building, and even growing a few extra gray hairs, your program is ready for your community. You’re certain that you’ve trained your community health team to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, keep people out of emergency rooms, lower […]

CHW Training for Health Navigators, Promotores, and Other Titles

Professional development for community health workers (CHWs) is more useful and available than ever before. Health and community agencies are looking for ways to provide standardized and rigorous skill-building for their teams. Teams of CHWs are growing all around the US. In fact, overall employment of health educators and community health workers is projected to […]

These Are the New Job Skills CHWs Need Right Now

Everyone’s job is different nowadays. This means community health workers need an updated list of job skills. Everything you thought you knew about jobs for any kind of health worker is up for re-analyzing. That includes how people learn (remotely) to what they learn (cultural competency) and where they use those skills (phone vs. someone’s […]

Download Your CHW Training Resource and Template Bundle

Make training your CHW team easier and work more effectively with these templates and resources. From building your program to free training resources, there’s something here that you can use right now. Your bundle includes: Build a CHW Program Core competencies To Start Your CHW Program: A complete list of the basic training requirements every […]