The role of today’s nonclinical health workers demands broad responsibilities that include understanding how to communicate with a variety of clients and interact with a wider health care team. As professions such as community health worker and patient navigator evolve, organizations understand more about how to adopt and work with people who bridge gaps.

 Your nonclinical team should be able to articulate health concepts clearly and connect with people from a variety of backgrounds. They should have the tools and expertise—from written communication to health coaching—to support the health care team. Upon completion of this learning track, participants will be able to speak and understand a language that helps them improve access to care for their clients.

This learning track consists of four one-week courses for up to 20 people. This core skills program provides a broad perspective, laying the foundation for learners to help people find insurance, improve health literacy and make a plan for lifestyle change.


  • Four weeks, two to three hours per course.
  • Consists of four one-week courses.

The courses in this track will equip your team to:

  • Guide patients to the best insurance plan, including explaining basic concepts of how health insurance works.
  • Describe and keep abreast of Affordable Care Act changes through online research.
  • Provide patients with the information they need to interact with insurance company representatives and health care providers.
  • Describe what health literacy is and why it matters.
  • Assess health literacy in patients and community members, including through the Newest Vital Sign.
  • Implement strategies for using other ways of addressing literacy gaps.
  • Describe the aims and activities of health coaching.
  • Explore the stages of change and what leads to behavior change.
  • Identify the core aspects of the motivational interviewing (MI) model.

Course List

Who should enroll in this track?

Non-clinical workers who need core skills to work with clients.


Participants who successfully complete this learning track receive a Certificate of Completion in Core Skills.

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