CHWTraining’s Leadership Training Program

Join the CHWTraining’s Leadership Training Program! Designed for those who have new responsibility in the field of community health, this training is a game-changer for anyone in a growth position.

CHWTraining has helped thousands of people sharpen their skills. CHWTraining’s Leadership Training Program builds effective and impactful leaders. Investing in supervisory skills makes teams work better and decreases turnover. Boost your team, support your community, and unlock everyone’s potential with our comprehensive training program.

Why CHWTraining’s Leadership Training Program Helps Your Team Grow

Some of your staff may not have the skills necessary to be take on a leadership role right away. Research shows leadership training can:

Improve employee retention and engagement – employees are more likely to stay, reducing turnover rates and elevating team commitment.

Positive organizational outcomes – Studies indicate that organizations investing in leadership development witness a remarkable 25% boost in their overall performance metrics, driving success and achieving objectives.

Heightened job performance – Leadership training contributes to a substantial 20% improvement in job performance across your workforce, leading to increased productivity and better results.

Maximized productivity – Research findings reveal an impressive 88% increase in productivity when supervisors undergo leadership training, translating into more efficient operations and a stronger bottom line.

Leadership Training – Talk to an Expert

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Who Should Take CHWTraining’s Leadership Training Program?

C3 Project core skills and roles for CHWs

New leaders

Those stepping into leadership or supervisor roles or taking on more responsibilities can build essential skills.

Experienced veterans

Long-time employees looking to enhance their abilities through formal training and upskilling.

Hiring community health workers

Cross-domain supervisors

Those with strong supervisory skills from other departments can improve their understanding of CHWs.

What Sets CHWTraining’s Leadership Training Program Apart

Set CHW learning goals

Real-World Relevance

Courses are designed to tackle real-life challenges, providing learners with skills that directly apply to their work.

tips for training CHWs

Flexible, Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced online lessons allow learners to fit training into their daily responsibilities. Timed, 60-day cohorts bring together peers from multiple places.

CHW recruitment and retention

Certificate of completion

Upon successful completion, learners receive a certificate to validate their newly acquired skills and accomplishments.

CHWTraining’s Leadership Training Courses

Learners in CHWTraining’s Leadership program will gain a greater understanding of their role as a supervisor of a community health team. They’ll learn more about the unique role of a CHW leader as well as hard skills they can use on the job.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Funding and Budgeting
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication & Listening Skills
  • Role of the Supervisor
  • Performance management
  • Holding others accountable
  • Engaging and Retaining Talent
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Planning and Organization
  • Team-building
  • Emotional Intelligence