Community Health Worker Virtual Training

What Is a CHW: Basic Training

This FREE 45-minute, on-demand training is the first step in a full community health worker certification and covers roles and boundaries of community health workers. This lesson is part of a self-study program for front-line workers to provide culturally responsive services as part of a core competencies program.

What will you learn in What Is a CHW: Basic Training?

  • CHWs as members of a community
  • The roles and responsibilities of CHWs
  • The most common places where CHWs work

To complete CHW Core Competencies Training, all courses are required.

CHW Core Competencies Training Details:

13 lessons
14 quizzes
30+ hours

CHW Core Curriculum

  1. What Is a CHW: Basic Training
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Interpersonal and Relationship-Building Skills
  4. Service Coordination and Navigation Skills
  5. Capacity Building Skills
  6. Advocacy Skills
  7. Education and Facilitation Skills
  8. Individual and Community Assessment Skills
  9. Outreach Skills
  10. Professional Skills and Conduct
  11. Evaluation and Research Skills
  12. Knowledge Base: Social Determinants of Health
  13. Knowledge Base: Basic Public Health Principles

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