CHW Core Competencies Courses

Roles and Boundaries of Community Health Workers

Boost your skills with CHW Core Competencies! This comprehensive course is a must for new community health workers and other health promoters. For maximum benefit, we recommend program directors take this course before starting a CHW initiative or when taking one over.

The newly updated CHW Core Competencies we course will help you shape your career, agency, and community. It covers all the basics you’ll need to promote support community members no matter where you live. Continue your career path by following with CHW Core Competencies II. Building an effective foundation will expand your capabilities to improve health outcomes and connect clients to care.

Join CHWTraining and invest in your career or workforce by learning how to: work as part of a healthcare team, engage with the community and individuals, extend your reach, excel in communication, measure ROI, and more. Registration is now open!

What will you learn in these courses?

CHW Core Competencies – Foundations Curriculum

    1. What Is a CHW? Roles and Boundaries
    2. Community Outreach and Engagement
    3. Advocacy Skills
    4. Health Insurance Basics
    5. Communication Skills

CHW Core Competencies – Relationship Building Curriculum

    1. Service Coordination Skills
    2. Health Literacy
    3. Cultural Competence and Responsiveness
    4. Motivational Interviewing: Peer Support for Behavior Change
    5. Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

What students are saying:
“Flexibility I found to be wonderful. It was nice to be able to do the course online on your time.”
– Eliana Haglund, Student


Start Date
End Date
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Open Seats
CHW Core Competencies -Foundations 19 Oct 2020 13 Nov 2020 Virtual CHWTraining 9 $2500 Register
CHW Core Competencies – Relationships 1 Feb 2021 26 Feb 2021 Virtual CHWTraining 12 $2500 Pre-Register

The Job Growth Toolkit

  • Professional Development Goals
  • CHW Requirements by State
  • Cover Letter & Resume Template


The Core Competencies Toolkit

  • Scope of Practice Template
  • Bonus case studies
  • Resources


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