Remote onboarding for CHWs

Remote Onboarding Guide for CHWs

Can you think back to your first day at your job? The people and resources that greeted you likely made a difference in your experience. They also influenced how well you adapted to your new role in those early days. Similarly, community health workers need a well-thought-out welcome pack to succeed in their service. And now, thanks to the digital shift, remote onboarding is an easy way to welcome new teammates into your agency.

Remote onboarding simply means putting together a set of digital resources for your CHW to access. A remote onboarding process is a practical way to give your CHWs everything they need virtually. This way, they can take it out to the field, review at home, and share with patients on the go.

The specifics of your onboarding process will depend on your unique program and your CHWs’ needs. But these are the essentials you can use as a foundation to welcome new hires in no time.

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Onboarding vs. Orientation for Community Health Workers

You may find the terms orientation and onboarding used interchangeably on different sites. But these are different processes, each of which has a place in your employee’s journey.

Orientation refers to a formal process companies’ HR departments typically carry out. It’s usually a company-wide meeting where leadership shares information via presentations, video, and Q&A sessions. Orientation often includes a formal introduction of the company leaders as well as a set time to go over administrative aspects, including procedures, safety, and more. It also tends to include a guided tour of the office or facilities and a brief introduction to the different departments.

On the other hand, onboarding is tailored to the specific role the person is starting. It includes details like financial forms, the creation of work accounts, and an introduction to the immediate team the person will join. And remote onboarding is simply onboarding done virtually.

As you can see, both onboarding and orientation play different roles in welcoming a new hire. One focuses on the individual and their role, while the other places an emphasis on the company at large, complementing each other to give your new hire the highest chance of success.

Remote Onboarding Process for CHWs

Create a Welcome Pack

A Welcome Pack is a must-have for your remote onboarding plan. This folder includes some key documents, like a welcome letter, financial forms, your employee handbook, and compliance regulations, including HIPAA and other local guidelines. 

Additionally, you’ll want to include your CHW’s job description, clearly listing responsibilities and scope of work, as well as standard operating procedures.

Grant Access to Company Resources

Whether you need to share passwords, create a company account, or connect your new CHW with local program leaders, your remote onboarding program is the time to do so.

Create a resource directory for CHWs to easily find food banks, medical services, and government agencies. Bonus points for linking it to the standard operating procedures on how to proceed in each case.

Plan for Role-specific Training

We’ve long covered the benefits of including job-specific training in your CHWs’ path. Planning ahead for their professional development is a powerful incentive. It also helps you prepare not only for their role but also for your organization’s objectives.

Consider including professional development opportunities like core skills training in your remote onboarding plan so that CHWs are ready for the challenge.

Remote Onboarding Is a Great Tool for Welcoming New CHW Employees

At CHWTraining, we’ve worked with health agencies like yours to develop and provide customized or off-the-shelf training for employees. If you’d like to learn more about how professional development fits into welcoming and retaining employees, book a consultation now and together, we’ll devise a plan.

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