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How To Train Your Team in CHW Core Competencies

Find out about what CHW Core Competencies are, CHW roles, and CHW careers. Plus, we cover cross-training your staff, and how to get state certifications for the CHWs on your team.

In this presentation, we connect live with dozens of CHW program managers, directors and CHWs to talk about CHW roles in different states, the key aspects of CHW jobs, different job titles, and how to run a successful CHW program.

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CHW Core Competency Training

Key areas of CHW Training and Core Competencies

  • CHWs’ roles in community healthcare: How CHWs help guard off disease, prevent hospitalizations and increase life quality in the communities they serve.
  • CHW workforce, jobs, and career paths: How to plan for a long, fruitful career as a CHW or use it as a stepping stone to other health-related fields.
  • CHW roles and responsibilities: Key functions of CHWs in different organizations.
  • Where CHWs work: The most common workplaces for CHWs, from fieldwork to care facilities and beyond.
  • How CHWs impact community health: The positive effects of CHWs in their communities are varied and long-studied. The CDC has shared multiple studies about the benefits of CHW programs in communities. Yet their crucial role is often forgotten.
  • CHW core competencies and common skills: Core CHW training for state certifications and core skills every CHW needs on the job.
  • How to train your team in core competencies: How do you get started with CHW training?
  • Cross-training your staff as CHWs: Benefits and key insight into this important step in community healthcare.
  • Specialized training: Needs-based training in fields like maternal-infant health, oral health, and more.

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CHW Core Competency Training